We are agile, use the best tools available on the market and work closely with our clients on shared platforms to ensure optimal delivery of our services. Some examples of our use of technology:


Electronic signatures

We have been using electronic signature services, such as Docusign, to manage virtual signings and closings since 2016, and encourage our clients to use them where expedient and legally possible.


Due diligence

We offer our clients to carry out certain due diligence activities with the support of market leading AI solutions, such as Luminance.


Document automation

We automate our own documents through software solutions like HotDocs, and support clients in establishing their own document-automation systems.


Our team is human, but we do like to make the robots do the heavy lifting where possible, using GenAI tools where relevant and efficient.

We offer our clients predictability and transparency in terms of costs, with a focus on added value. We provide services and adapt our fees to our clients' needs, including fixed-costs on agreed deliverables and subscription-based services.

Over the years, we have developed a strong network of trusted law firms we regularly work with on cross-border assignments or international deals.


We have extended our support or partnered with several initiatives that are close to our values and key to many of the challenges faced by the legal industry or our clients, such as the Open Chain Initiative, the Accord Project or the Trustlaw network.


Since many years, we have developed privileged working relationships with carefully selected law firms and partners in key markets around the world. We regularly act as lead counsel in cross-border deals, or as Swiss counsel to foreign players, international brands and global law firms seeking local expertise.