Christof Cardinaux

Junior associate

Before joining id est avocats in September 2022 as junior associate (avocat-stagiaire), Christof Cardinaux obtained a Bachelor of Law degree at the University of Lausanne. He then completed a Master of Law degree, with a specialization in commercial law, jointly awarded magna cum laude by the Universities of Zurich and Lausanne. Interested in new technologies and innovation, he wrote a master’s thesis in the field of data protection.

In parallel to his studies, Christof Cardinaux had the opportunity to work in the “Legal, Compliance & Quality” department of a pharmaceutical company based in Zurich, as well as in the legal department of a Lausanne-based multinational corporation. He has also been active in several student associations pertaining to innovation and has taken part in multiple entrepreneurial competitions.

He practices in French and English.