Michel Jaccard – « AI and Privacy under European Data Protection Law – friends or foes? » – Conference


Today we speak about « Risks and Promises of AI in Healthcare And Privacy Preserving »!

Our partner Michel Jaccard will talk about « AI and Privacy under European Data Protection Law – friends or foes? » at the Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne.

This conference organised by the SwissAI Lausanne Machine Learning Meetup (SwissAI) is one of the largest AI meetups of Switzerland!!

Abstract of the conference :

Machine learning and AI require a lot of data to improve and be usable. European Union’s new data protection and privacy regulation puts strict limits on the use of personal data and require increased transparency in any processing. Will regulation and technology collide or is there a bright future for European based AI companies complying with the GDPR?

More information on -> https://bit.ly/2xaf4md

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