1 week 5 conferences in the Swiss entrepreneurship ecosystem


This week, Juliette Ancelle and Michel Jaccard have been invited to talk to 5 events discussing various aspects of a startup’s life :

1- SwissAI Lausanne Machine Learning Meetup: “AI and Privacy under European Data Protection Law – friends or foes ?” organised by SwissAI at EPFL | Thematic: Risks and Promises of AI in Healthcare And Privacy-Preserving | Michel Jaccard

2- Startup Board Member Academy: “Back to the basics” organised by Startup Board Academy at EPFL| Michel Jaccard

3- Ask the Expert: “Incentive plans” in collaboration with Venturelab at our office | Juliette Ancelle

4- “Negotiation tactics for financing rounds” organised by MassChallenge at FabLab Renens | Michel Jaccard

5- “Exits” in a panel session organised by MassChallenge in collaboration with Exit Accelerator at FabLab Renens | Michel Jaccard

Juliette Ancelle id est avocats | conférence startup | venturelab

Juliette Ancelle giving a presentation on “Incentive Plans” at our office in Lausanne for VentureLab

Michel Jaccard id est avocat | conférence startup | MassChallenge

Miche Jaccard talking about “Negotiating tactics for financing rounds” at Fablab Renens for MassChallenge















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