Intellectual Property
& Sponsoring

We assist clients in several intellectual property fields such as traditional copyright, trademarks or industrial designs, both in the framework of disputes or contracts drafting and negotiation (e.g. license agreements, distribution, franchising, etc.), but also more generally in the framework of the adoption of global business strategies relating to the exploitation of immaterial goods, such as branding strategies, in particular in the luxury industry.

We also developed a recognized expertise in emerging issues, such as Open Source, Open Access or Creative Commons licenses. We also regularly intervene in unfair competition case or personality and image infringement cases, in particular for public figures.

Finally, we  regularly practice and advise on entertainment cases, advising artists, producers, managers, in the music, sports or audiovisual fields.

Massive infringement of software licenses

We assisted a world famous software editor in the framwork of a judicial dispute on the massive infringement of software licenses due to an over deployment of the product, in view of obtaining damages to recover from the several dozens of million of Swiss francs prejudice.

Trademarks and fashion industry

We assisted a leading Swiss-based e-commerce platform in the framework of two trademark counterfeiting disputes against two highly renowned institutions active in the fashion industry.

Technology transfer

We regularly advise spin-offs from Swiss universities or Institutes in connection with the negotiation of technology transfer agreements from the school to the start-up, in view of the commercialization of the technology developed within such institutions.