Commercial Contracts
Corporate Transactions
Talent Management

We regularly assist our clients in financing and investment rounds (venture capital and private equity), in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), in exits (including LBOs and MBOs), but also in insolvency and restructuring processes.

We also help our clients to navigate stakeholder management for board, shareholder and employee relationships. Our expertise in creating governance structures for complex joint-venture projects in technological areas is well recognised.

Our clients include fast-growing companies alongside well-established incumbents and multinationals, CEOs and entrepreneurs alongside private and institutional investors, and cutting-edge corporations with international operations as well as local SMEs .

Our team works on tens of transactions and operations per year and is recognized for its efficient and pragmatic approach, based on the rich cumulative experience of our partners and associates, as well as excellent  industry and market knowledge.

Commercial Contracts

We are regularly called on to establish the core commercial contract models that underpin our clients’ activities, including distribution agreements, sales terms, master service agreements, R&D agreements, supplier terms and more.

We leverage our familiarity with our clients’ industries in order to ensure that any contractual arrangement is a good fit for the chosen business model.

In more complex transactions we assist our clients through direct support to negotiation, and help them navigate towards the best terms by helping them to focus on what matters most to their business.

Corporate Lifecycle and Transactions

Our assistance covers the entire corporate lifecycle, from the initial setting up of a company, to exit processes or winding-down.

Over the years, we have been involved in numerous significant venture capital financing rounds, private equity investments, mergers and acquisitions, and various forms of buyouts (LBOs, MBOs). We focus on results for the client, and we take pride in our ability to guide all parties involved through the legal complexities.

Where required, we are also available to assist in restructuring and insolvency proceedings, by helping the company and its stakeholders to navigate through difficult straights.

Governance, Stakeholder and Talent Management

Good governance leads to good business. Our expertise extends to board governance, shareholder/stakeholder management and talent management.

We ensure that all aspects are coordinated through shareholder agreements, organisational rules and incentive programmes that are continually updated to reflect best practices and industry standards, and that are adapted to your business.

We are frequently called on to find original solutions to complex governance issues. We will help you identify the priorities of each stakeholder accurately, so that the solutions we provide or help you elaborate are not an abstract legal exercise but a well understood tool to reach your goals.