Our Firm

id est” is a Latin expression meaning “that is to say” (i.e. in abbreviated form). Clients expect nowadays from their legal counsel far more than a perfect knowledge of the law. Trusted attorneys shall be able to assist in ambitious projects and help design and implement complex negotiation or litigation strategies; they must fit in multidisciplinary teams, explain the stakes, and formulate no non-sense, pragmatic and actionable advice to diverse stakeholders: board of directors, entrepreneurs, shareholders, investors.

In line with our philosophy, we focus on certain industries of which we know the rules, the players, the specificities, the market standards and the best practices:

  • computing
  • advanced technologies and Internet,
  • life and health sciences,
  • media and advertising,
  • corporate law,
  • advice to companies, entrepreneurs, shareholders and board members
  • intellectual property, especially in the field of software and online services.

Our ambition is not only to advise and defend our clients’ interests, but also to accompany and facilitate projects on which our advice is sought, building the grounds for long-term relationships with our clients.

Our Approach

With a team composed of specialized lawyers, we first have at heart to offer efficient services to all of our clients.

We take advantage of each of the team members expert knowledge and favor a practical approach with one designated point of contact. We further developed a privileged network of foreign attorneys, whom we personally know and who are active in the main European markets (France, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Finland), US market (New York, Massachusset, California) and Asian markets (China, Japan).

Our priority is to place our clients at the center of our practice, and we work at maintaining cutting-edge knowledge in our fields of practice, as well as in our clients’ fields of business.

We are passionate about technologies surrounding us, but also by the entrepreneur spirit of some of our clients; we are involved in projects that matter to us, whether as jury members giving awards to successful entrepreneurs and SMEs, or by regularly giving classes, seminars or workshops in Switzerland or abroad.

Some of our awards