Are you an entrepreneur or an investor?

For several years now, the members of our team accompany entrepreneurs that create and launch young start-ups that often stem from research institutes, and assists investors supporting innovating projects or high-growth potential companies. We intervene as much on the entrepreneurs’ side upon the incorporation of companies as in the following financing rounds, up until an exit and an acquisition of the start-up by important business actors; we accompany our clients in these various steps, placing at their disposal our solid experience in that field to allow for efficient negotiations and anticipation of the future development phases.

We are proud to count among our clients close to a dozen of venture capital funds and investors’ networks, as well as more than half of all start-ups present in the Lake Geneva region that have been selected in 2016 among the list of the best 100 Swiss start-ups by the Tages Anzeiger and the website¬†, including award winning startups such as 3Baysover, BestMile, BugBuster (acquired by AppDynamics), Composyt Light Labs (acquired by Intel), DEPSys, Flyability, Gamaya, Housetrip (acquired by TripAdvisor), KeyLemon, Lemoptix (acquired by Intel), MindMaze, NexThink, Strong.Codes, and Scantrust.

  • Investment and financing
  • Mergers, acquisitions and corporate transactions
  • Corporate governance
  • Shareholders agreement and investment agreements
  • Assistance in growth and development and international expansion
  • Adoption of incentive plans
  • Technology licensing agreements

Based on our solid experience and extensive practice, we drafted to the attention of our clients some model documents (checklists, contracts), that can be downloaded freely, available below along with some publications or interventions from members of the team, relating to the firms activities and practice.