Are you the head of a legal department in a big-size corporation or multinational institution ?

The lake Geneva region is – and has been for several years now – the home for numerous multinational companies, international organizations or big-size corporate groups. These corporations often have a qualified team of in-house lawyers, but some specialized fields or activities require the intervention of external experts, whether for high-scale IT outsourcing projects or sophisticated cyber-attacks lead against the corporation or the group, or the fight against smear campaigns on social media, aiming at harming the group or its directors’ reputation.  By combining a high level of expertise in these fields along with a solid international experience, we can bring a valuable support to the big-size corporations located in the region.

We are proud to count among our clients a dozen of financial institutions and banks, several international organizations as well as some of world famous brands that have established a seat or a presence in French-speaking Switzerland.

  • Selected services
    • Management of disputes in intellectual property, industrial property and unfair competition disputes
    • Review and negotiation of complex IT contracts, including Software as a Service (SaaS) agreements or cloud services agreements
    • Management of online reputations; assistance in case of cyber-attacks
    • Employment law
    • Mergers, acquisitions and corporate transactions
    • Technology licensing agreements, joint ventures
    • Outsourcing

Based on our solid experience and extensive practice, we drafted to the attention of our clients some model documents (checklists, contracts), that can be downloaded freely, available below along with some publications or interventions from members of the team, relating to the firms activities and practice.